Our Board consists of many passionate Ultimate players from various backgrounds that bring unique experiences and talents to our board. Their guidance has grown the sport immensely in Kamloops and the interior of BC.


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The board would like to update our bylaws to reflect motions passed in previous AGMs and keep them current with the happenings of the ultimate world. ALL MEMBERS are welcome to contribute to the language and revision of our bylaws. Proposed revisions will be placed into the form of a resolution, to be passed by the membership at the next AGM.
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Pamela McLelland

Pamela got her start in Ultimate in the KUL, playing  on "The Red Team."  She has played on many recreational teams such as Ninjacept, Autumn Breeze, GI Throw, Ange's Anarchists, Wasabi, Bzzrs, Hot Dog Stock Market, and others with names too rude to say. Pam also played for UofA and at CUC Nationals in the women's and mixed masters divisions.

Outside of Ultimate,  Pam enjoy sewing and crafts, dance and mountain biking.

Brian Dempsey

Brian got his start in Ultimate at Queen's University in 1990. He has played at Nationals 4 times, 1 Worlds in 1997, and made appearances at 3  Japanese Nationals between 1996-99. Brian has been a member of the KULS board since 2014. 

Outside of Ultimate, Brian enjoys  coaching basketball & ultimate, and playing squash and pickleball.

Bryce Laufer
Bryce Got his start in Ultimate in 2015 when he was asked to sub for the Frisbeasts of the Winnipeg Wednesday Rec League. After a few games of subbing he was hooked. Leading to him starting and captaining his own rec team: Huck Huck Goose. His team outlived his captaincy though as he moved from Winnipeg to Kamloops in 2019. Since moving Bryce has played as part of the Kamloops league and many other competitive teams throughout the Okanagan. Bryce has been a KULS board member since 2019.
Outside of ultimate Bryce enjoys: skiing, mountain biking and golfing.
Blythe Paetkau
Blythe got her start in Ultimate in 2015 after being dragged to a practice by her brother where she instantly fell in love! She has played with Parched as well the SKSS school team where she captained for three years. She attended Canadian Junior Nationals in 2019 as well as Belgian Nationals.
Outside of Ultimate, Blythe enjoys playing music, reading and hiking.
Alysia Francis
Youth Coordinator

Alysia got her start in Ultimate in 1999 due to very persistant RA at U of A. After playing on the icy surfaces of Edmonton for 4 years, the VUL was a dream, upside down rain and all. Alysia played on a number of recreational teams in Vancouver, including "Les inDISCutables", "Team BBQ", "Zissou" and "CanHucks." Since moving back to Kamloops 5 years ago, Alysia has enjoyed playing in the league, but her *ultimate* passion remains with youth and development in schools. Alysia sits on the BCSS board for Ultimate as the Okanagan rep, and has watched the school programs grow in this region steadily each year. 

Outside of Ultimate, Alysia enjoys playing soccer, watching hockey, and road trips with family.

Lisa Vos
Event Coordinator

Lisa got her start in Ultimate in 2000.  She was immediately drawn to the sport because of all that it offered: gender equity, non contact, self officiating, playing spirit games, singing on the sidelines, pride in sportsmanship, and meeting friends who will last a lifetime.  Lisa played many years with the VUL and misses the opportunity to play 3+ days a week. However, Lisa loves the possibilities in Kamloops (her hometown) to meet new players and grow the game by leading kids camps and mentoring in schools. 

Outside of Ultimate, Lisa enjoys snowboarding, couponing, and spending time with family.

Matt Rapparlie
League Coordinator
Matt got his start playing Ultimate in 2013 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Joining the local disc league, he played for Koi and was a founding member of The Gold Diggers before moving to Kamloops in 2018 and taking up with the local league. He has been a board member since 2019. 
Outside of Ultimate, Matt enjoys playing and coaching basketball as well as mountain biking.