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ABOUT Helios

Helios was founded in May 2021 to supplement the existing high school ultimate programs in the Thompson-Nicola area, and was the first junior club ultimate team founded in the interior of BC.


Since that time, Helios has represented the Thompson-Nicola area at multiple tournaments, including the BC Provincial Championships. We continue to offer ultimate developmental programs for high school aged kids that focus on growth, fun, commitment, and teamwork while competing at the highest level. 




U18 Summer 
development teams

We offer a variety of developmental ultimate programs for a wide range of ages, skill levels, and goals. Whether you're looking to compete at the BC or Canadian Ultimate Championships, or just wanting to increase your skills and try a new sport, Helios has a program to suit your needs.


"Our children were introduced to ultimate frisbee in high school. Our oldest son came home from school one day and told his siblings that no matter what else they may do, they had to try ultimate frisbee. So, of course they did. Our daughter enjoyed it so much that outside of the school program she joined Helios. She has found it to be a very positive inclusive sport and really enjoys the spirit of the game."


“Becoming a player in the Helios program has been such an awesome experience for me. I have not only learned so much about a completely new sport, but very quickly felt a part of the community. The spirit and unity of the game is like no other, and is something I think everyone should get the chance to be a part of."


“Getting introduced to ultimate is... the best thing that ever happened to me. It's hands down one of the most important parts of who I am today. Being a part of Helios has helped me grow as a player and as a person due to incredible coaching and amazing experiences that I will remember forever."



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